Sichuan ZJ-TIBO Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: No.23 Longhui Road Shiliba Industrial Park Xinshi Town Jianyang Chengdu Sichuan Province China.

Office Email:

Office Tel: +86(28)2769-5500

Whatsapp: +86 13958185598/+86 18381677832

Chen yun
General Manager
East China
Phone&Wechat:+86 13982918111

Chen changyong
Associate Sales Manager
External Trade
Phone&Wechat:+86 13958185598
WhatsApp: +86 13958185598

Qianjin(Sales )
Northwest China
Phone&Wechat:+86 13899861997

Zheng weisheng(Sales )
Northeast China&North China
Phone&Wechat:+86 18108096089

Yuan ping(Sales )
Southwest China&Henan
Phone&Wechat:+86 13330848193

Liu aihua(Sales )
External Trade
Phone&Wechat:+86 18381677832
WhatsApp: +86 18381677832

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