Expander With Oil Brake

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● Provide refrigeration for air separation,natural gas liquidation,hydrocarbon recovery, industrial tail gas recovery, ethylene cold box,and other cryogenic process.
● Gas including Air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Natural Gas and other Hydrocarbon Gases
● Flow rate: 3000~30000Nm3/h
● Pressure Range: 0.1-8 MPa
● Temperature Range: -260-200°C
● Expander Efficiency: up to 90%
● Power up to 120 kw
● Shaft Speed: 5,000-150,00 rpm/min
● Impeller Size: 60-800mm (one piece forged closed impellers)

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Turbo expander with oil pump brake mounted on a common shaft.
Oil brake loaded expanders designed for low pressure applications.
A modular lube oil system is feeding the oil brake and bearings.
Variable nozzles allow operating on a wide range of flows and pressures.

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